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Nearly nine out of every 10 small businesses check out their online reputation at least once every three months. But…
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Nearly nine out of every 10 small businesses check out their online reputation at least once every three months. But a newly published report details how beyond mere quarterly monitoring, more regular and comprehensive check-ups of digital health is essential for firms that want to stay strong where money really counts these days, in the realm of the digital.


Get your customers to work for you


The study encourages firms to make the most out of people paying for products and services, to increase their worth to firms all the more by writing glowing reviews on websites that feature reviews. Happy customers create more happy customers, as well as free coverage and positive vibes that are easy to share and re-share as positive posts. By the same token, be on the lookout for less pleasant reviews, and make sure to diplomatically respond to them with a solution-focused tone. Make sure to track these cases well and make corrections, so that similar issues are less likely to occur.


Expand social media coverage


This gem of advice for the Information Age simply can’t be repeated enough. If you’re not proactively promoting your deals and offers and brand value on the likes of Facebook, Instagram and friends, your messages won’t be heard as widely as they could be, and, in fact, to many people these days, will remain entirely unheard. The good news is it’s not that hard to stay on top of the new wave of sharing stories, by tasking an in-house team, PR firm or both with getting your messages out. Regularly and interestingly, what your company has going on should be digitally described in short effective bursts that keep customers intrigued. Currently, fewer than half of all small businesses are interacting with customers and persuading them to write reviews on what they like.


Diversify your channels


The days of classical dominance for radio, TV and newspapers are long gone. Yet advertising strategy still often seems linked to yesteryear, and fails to capitalise on the unbelievable opportunities presented by digital marketing. While the ways in which companies get the word out to customers is changing, small upgrades in diversification may yield huge gains. While almost two-third of small businesses use at least two platforms such as email, direct mail and social media, a more refined and varied distribution of messages using even more of these options will make it easier for your voice to be heard.


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