When AI makes us human

The future of employee-to-employee relations will not be dictated by AI, but what has always led the course of human…
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The future of employee-to-employee relations will not be dictated by AI, but what has always led the course of human achievement – the way colleagues interact with and get along with each other – a new study reveals. The gist of the report expresses how, armed with trust and the rallying force of people working towards a common goal, human potential transcends the capabilities of intelligence less natural.


Beyond ROI


Profits proudly returned to shareholders are but one metric of success, the report says. Based around the outcomes of Relationshpism, when appropriately applied, the findings focus on the creation of a global evolution beyond the assembly lines and corporation-focused theories, which have traditionally supported a focus on manufacturers and capitalists while oft discounting the interests of labourers.


A purpose-driven future


A more holistic, fuller buffet of outcomes not just for companies’ bottom line, but the forces that lead to them is encouraged the report. The idea reinforces the classic truth that roads are for journeys, not destinations. Multiple scientific studies of human motivation indicate how happiness triggers the higher – and contagious – energies that more naturally and efficiently lead to productivity and the collaborative human relationships that are hallmarks of the most successful companies.


Making people happy


Relationshpism comes down to making workers enjoy and value working, and how employee satisfaction is a crucial part of the story of making profits. Trust, effectiveness and values are essential ingredients in this regard. Great Place to Work, an organization dedicated to analyzing where people at work are happiest, promotes a key message in this regard: that business success hinges on prioritizing human potential as the source of sustainable profits.


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