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While companies inevitably have on hand official officials specifically tasked with saying just the right things to the right people…
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While companies inevitably have on hand official officials specifically tasked with saying just the right things to the right people on the choicest occasions about the firm’s mission, accomplishments and the rosy road ahead, the greater potential for spreading the good word may be through the authentic praise of non-designated spokespeople. It’s the off-the-cuff opinions of employees in varying positions that lend unvarnished, fresh legitimacy to key messages delivered though pre-approved information networks.


Keep it real


In the Internet era, authentic information has become a valuable commodity. Trusted influencers with a proven track record for providing reliable reviews of products and services are valued for their genuineness, not brand loyalty. Content is king, and anyone providing no-nonsense information are the new sovereigns, whether they are influencers, C2C reviewers or, indeed, employees of companies whose stated job duties may not formally extend into PR duties. But just as passport holders are de facto cultural ambassadors for their countries, it matters who you work for; you’re still part of the team. Indeed, when you’re not be overtly profiting from what you say, your words take on a new currency.


Water coolers and social media


Just about everyone’s on social media. People posting photos and text on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter generally share details related to one of two things: family and the workplace. Plus trips, which are one of two things: family or the workplace. Companies that wish to profit from the free word of mouth generated by positive online reviews would do well to remind themselves of the basics, that the most successful companies naturally generate satisfied workers, and create positive energy not from PR campaigns, but from the good vibes that such firms intrinsically radiate from being a cool place to work. It is the fundamentals like having an enjoyable work environment, and producing something sellable, that will create conditions not only for a great PR message, but the conditions at home that make it easy to create one. The best brands aren’t built, they simply grow.


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