So, we did scratch the surface of this subject on our last post. Ever since the evolution of everything in…
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So, we did scratch the surface of this subject on our last post. Ever since the evolution of everything in and around the digital sphere, Marketing and PR have been working along very similar lines, with parallel goals in mind but few have fully embraced what’s next. Change is coming. “Change” is a petrifying concept to most but with marketing and PR looking to integrate more closely than ever before over the course of the next few years, the best thing for PR and marketing professionals to do is embrace the change that is inevitable and stay ahead of the game.


Whose game is it?


With rapid integration brewing, we believe that it is an open playing field at the moment . However, PR does have an advantage when it comes to the “human-factor” in communication as we are traditionally the experts in story-telling, which we believe is essential in communicating with people and keeping them engaged on any platform, be it traditional, digital or social.


Playground: Thailand


Thailand is one of the largest markets in Southeast Asia. The people of Thailand love their social media with recent studies showing that over 79% of the population has access to the Internet and over 71% are active social media users, which is way above the global average of 45% of the population. With these statistics, we don’t see influencer marketing going away anytime soon in Thailand and building lasting relationships with the most aspirational of influencers is the way forward. 


When we say influencers, we don’t just mean celebrities. With the continuing rise of social media, we see a vast number of micro-influencers creating an impact. Travel bloggers, Youtubers, fashion bloggers, food bloggers, Tik Tok artists – the digital world is their platform and they are the ones to watch out for right now. 


What’s next?


The first step to embracing the future for PR is to integrate marketing, social media and digital media and develop communication strategies and campaigns that work effectively for brands online, in traditional media, and face-to-face with consumers. This is something Vivaldi Integrated PR understands full well and we are focused on changing the game and taking the lead in this new integrated world.


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