Is your business AI-ready?

A complete AI takeover might seem far away, but it is growing rapidly to play a mainstream role in the…
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A complete AI takeover might seem far away, but it is growing rapidly to play a mainstream role in the future of business. Major global corporations have already adopted AI to strengthen their social media and consumer research. Even Thai companies have added AI to their communication process, using chatbots to keep customers engaged.


AI has the ability to observe, interpret and evaluate enormous amounts of data. In this process, it can uncover trends and patterns revealing extensive insights into consumers that can easily overwhelm the human mind. It takes seconds to do what a human mind can take days to comprehend.


The last revolution that reshaped the PR industry was the emergence of social media. It’s hard to envisage what AI can do for this industry, nevertheless another revolution is on the cards with a potential for us to do much more in a fraction of the time. Businesses need to be prepared to embrace the future when it knocks on our doors.


Learn AI and determine whether it will help your business


AI has been around since the 20th century, but there’s still a misguided fear among people that it will take all our jobs and change the world as we know it. This can be traced back to the lack of understanding about AI. Knowing what it can and cannot do will give you a clearer picture. In the case of PR, AI is incapable of completing tasks which require a human input like creating long-form content and making a connection with people. However, it can play a crucial supporting role to agencies by providing consumer insights and monitoring campaign progress. It is important to take time to research AI to harness its power to help your business.


Now that you know what AI is about, find out the value it adds to your business. The most important aspect from your business’s point of view is ROI. Test the waters with a pilot project adopting an AI tool that you believe could help your business. Experimentation is essential in this era of new technologies.


Making sure your team is AI-aware


AI can be complicated sometimes but it symbolizes the zenith of technological advancement, unlocking endless potential for businesses. A new era is just around the corner with AI leading the way and to thrive in this era teams must be prepared to welcome the change mentally and in practice. Training workshops, brainstorming sessions to gauge how AI could add value to the business and hiring tech-savvy employees are some of the things that could help your business make a move towards the future.


As the world is one-step closer to validating AI on a much larger scale, it is crucial for businesses of all industries including public relations, to be prepared to enjoy the fruits of a potentially life-changing technological advancement.


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