The spectacular potential of quantum marketing

The future is now (and then, and both and neither of these things, perhaps). The much-anticipated quantum computer has arrived,…
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The future is now (and then, and both and neither of these things, perhaps). The much-anticipated quantum computer has arrived, thanks to – and this should be no surprise really – Google. While traditional computing is based on zeroes and ones, quantum computing turns this traditional state of “on” and “off” states to the next level. The stakes are high in what this means computers will be capable of doing for us and knowing about us, not to mention assisting and suggesting in purchasing decisions. The rules of traditional computing have just been upended, and the impact on society will be profound.


A whole new Google Earth


There’s a whole lot of Googling that will help you get your company noticed. Without Google Maps, your visibility is limited – make sure your company is listed and is located where on the app where it is actually situated in the real world. How about your SEO? When you Google for your firm’s name, how high is its placement on the world’s top search engine? What about Google AdWords? Is this increasingly popular service being used to your company’s advantage? While the world has grown accustomed to Google’s gargantuan influence in business and so many other fields, the tech giant’s recent claim of ‘quantum supremacy’ may be the biggest game changer of all. The US has sunk over $420 million into R&D for quantum computing, and the results are beginning to be felt worldwide.


The future is quantum


Digital marketing will never be the same after the implementation of quantum computing, which takes what have become digital norms and turns up the speed, potential and intensity, in a shocking variety of ways. The market for quantum computing will be estimated to be worth about $5US billion next year. That’s just the beginning. It is predicted that in just 20 years, there will not be sufficient bandwidth and energy required to keep all of the world’s computers running. A new type of computing is therefore needed looking just at this metric alone. Quantum computing is arriving just as it looks most needed. Forecasting and predicting and a range of problems that would had previously taken even the standard computers of today some time to solve, will be done much, much quicker on quantum computers. When quantum computing becomes more widely available to business, the effects on how we buy and sell things – and a whole lot more – will be subject to innovation and disruption cycles like nothing we’ve seen before.


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