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Good things often come in small dosages. Firms in the know and in need of a fresh PR boost are…
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Good things often come in small dosages. Firms in the know and in need of a fresh PR boost are often getting just what they want from micro-influencers, who generally work for less money, tend to be more passionate about what they do, and are eager to build substantial long-term relationships with brands.


Say something authentically


A new study on micro-influence in advertising and public relations shows that those involved in the subfield tend to be highly committed on a personal level to what they are saying, and who they are promoting. Micro-influencers are particularly well represented in the fields of lifestyle and fitness, fashion and beauty, hospitality and tourism, and food and beverages. Ninety-nine per cent of those asked on the survey said that working with client firms with which they share core values is very important to them. The lower numbers of followers they have is more than compensated by significant, provable engagement and quality of posts and discussions, triggered by consumers who often care just as much about the products for sale and being rated for quality on various websites.


Instagram, of course


Although small by nature, micro-influencers have unlimited potential, gravitating to the biggest and most visible e-platform for sharing ideas of all kinds: Instagram. More than three-fourths of those asked responded that this is their preferred social media site for sharing and exchanging opinions on products they promote – and for keeping current on trends. Nearly 80% of micro-influencers spend at least three hours a day on social media. In the long-term, these initially smaller degrees of influence may add up to something very big indeed.


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