one of the fastest-growing thailand based pr agencies.

We started as a PR agency and now operate at the crossroads of all brand media communications, while retaining our roots firmly at our core..

Our Story

We started as a media PR agency and now operate at the crossroads of all brand media communications, while retaining our roots firmly at our core.

Vivaldi is one of the fastest-growing Thailand-based firms in the brand communications space with 21 individuals who come together to create successful reputation building campaigns and projects for our clients.

We bring with us 19 years of experience as an agency in Thailand and regional markets, and with those years comes invaluable knowledge that we use to propel our clients’ messages beyond their expectations.

Successful communications are the sum of its parts, so we not only work as a team internally we work as a team with our clients. When we’re all focused on the same goal the results are much better.

“You can’t sell anything if you can’t tell anything.”

Beth Comstock
Former CMO, GE

the vivaldi method

The story & content cycle.

the vivladi way

Communications tool | PREPARED


Prepare risk assessment

Identify potential issues and crises that would disrupt your business function and/or processes.

review business impact

Qualify the potential impact of a business- disrupting issue, such as damaged public reputation, fakes, new customer dissatisfaction or attrition, legal issues


explore contingency scenarios

Identifying which actions will help your organization to respond effectively to each threat. The steps that would be required to resolve the issue, what resources would be required, and how employees can help.


planning in advance

Plan contingencies for each potential threat plans by working with relevant stakeholders.


all the team training or familiarization

People require immediate access to straight forward information and a clear understanding of the crisis mitigation process.


review plans frequently

Keep the plan up to date, especially as employees join or leave the company, new technologies are implemented, and other changes occur


effective feedback

Continuous feedback to ensure the effectiveness of future prevention and mitigation


decisive actions

Above all, decisive action, preparation and mitigation

the vivladi way

Communications tool | MEDIA

making things happen

Our Team

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