5 reasons you should use periscope for business.

Periscope, the live-streaming video mobile app which allows you to broadcast from anywhere in the world, purchased by Twitter in…
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Periscope, the live-streaming video mobile app which allows you to broadcast from anywhere in the world, purchased by Twitter in February is now the fastest-growing social media app. In just ten days, the app hit one million users and now exceeds 10 million users who are viewing over 40 years of content every day on the app.
The potential of it is really enormous and, perhaps some of it was realised in Bangkok’s recent bomb blast, when Bangkok resident, Derek Van Pelt, was on the scene live-broadcasting the aftermath of the event and instantly becoming a reporter. The implications of this new platform are huge – especially with the added feature that allows you to share a ‘scope’ with your Twitter followers.

The platform is already being utilized by savvy brands looking for a new way to market themselves, and there are plenty of ways to use the tool. Here’s our top five reasons to start using Periscope for business.

1. Endless Marketing Opportunities

There are numerous ways to use Periscope to market your brand. Perhaps your business is a gym that could stream a live class to prospective customers, or you’re an innovative chef wanting to showcase their busy kitchen during service or a journalist wanting to broadcast as-they-happen events or an expert in your field wanting to deliver a live Q&A. The possibilities are limitless.

2. Unsaturated Market

Want to make a serious impact on the market? Now’s the time to get to grips with Periscope; your competition are, most likely, not utilizing the app to its full potential (if at all). Even those brands who have signed up to the app are often keeping it inactive, offering more forward-thinking businesses a chance to make serious waves and get ahead in this relatively untapped market. And, why wouldn’t you? The Periscope audience is ever-growing one. Early adopters stand the best chance of being the Periscope influencers of the future.

3. Real Time Interactions

Good communication with your existing and potential clients and customers is essential for building and sustaining relationships. A social media platform such as Periscope, which is truly real time. While Twitter and Facebook have the potential to offer the same thing, users of Periscope can ask questions during the broadcast and get an immediate response. Imagine being able to ask the news reporter what the atmosphere is like, or ask an Olympic athlete mid training session about their workout! Wherever you are, you can be right with someone broadcasting on Periscope. In an age where immediacy is everything, this app will only continue to grow in popularity.

4. Brand Authenticity

There’s no editing, no filters, no time delay; being live to the world via Periscope calls for absolute authenticity. While this can, potentially, make you more vulnerable, it’s also a powerful marketing tool because it makes you trustworthy and likeable.

Read our feature here on why authenticity is key to boosting your brand.

5. Geo Tagging

An easy way to target a specific demographic is via Persicope’s geo-tagging. The app allows you to identify who is using Periscope in a certain market and what their interests are; a great application for boosting the visibility of a business for a local promotion.

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