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Virtual business has become the new reality in Thailand; Bangkok-based companies dragging their heels may get left behind in a…
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Virtual business has become the new reality in Thailand; Bangkok-based companies dragging their heels may get left behind in a barren marketing wasteland, miles away from the nearest customer connectivity point. What is vital in 2015 and beyond is that Thailand’s SMEs and big brands alike jump onto rising digital marketing platforms sooner rather than later and properly learn how to leverage them. If not, they run the risk of being stranded, and soon forgotten by market forces.

Thailand is “Digital Marketing Thailand”

The speed of evolution from traditional marketing to digital strategies in Thailand has been fast and furious. Consumers eat up social media content, particularly Facebook, with Thailand in the Top 10 of the world’s highest Facebook populations, with 55% logging on in Bangkok. Thailand ranked 17th globally in terms of Twitter users (in 2014), while Instagram saw a growth of over 546% between 2012 and 2013.

What Is Digital Marketing?

What might be holding some businesses back is lack of understanding. However, whilst the methods might need exploring, many key marketing principles have not changed.

Speaking at a digital marketing event organized by Vivaldi Integrated Public Relations and the Thai Canadian Chamber of Commerce in September, 2015, Jerome Le Louer, founder of Wishbeer, defined digital marketing as being about, “targeted, interactive and measureable marketing. The idea is to reach and convert customers. It’s about promoting your brand, building preference and increasing sales.”

Virtual Beer Goes Viral

Wishbeer delivers craft beers within Thailand and believes in experimenting with digital marketing through relevant blogging, email marketing, PR, links on other websites and utilizing an online food delivery platform in Bangkok.

Facebook has proven to be a valuable tool for Wishbeer. A recent paid Facebook post went viral with the local beer-loving community, reaching an audience of 900,000 and boosting traffic from 500 to 80,000 in one day.

Teddy Bear Taxis Grabbed Online

Founded in 2012 and launched in Thailand a year later, GrabTaxi has become the largest and most widely used third party taxi booking mobile app in Southeast Asia, with 16 bookings every second and a total of 6 million downloads.

Deputy General Manager of GrabTaxi Thailand, Vee Charununsiri, gave an example of a successful digital campaign at the recent digital marketing event, moderated by Vivaldi Integrated Public Relations founder, Joseph Henry.

To honor Mother’s Day, GrabTaxi promised to deliver 500 teddy bears as gifts. A Facebook link took customers to the GrabTaxi website and campaign.

5-Step Measurement Model

To understand the results of the GrabTaxi Thailand Facebook campaign, Vee explained his 5 Step Measurement Model:

Identify objectives. To target FB users.

What is the end goal? To increase the number of installs and usage.

What are the targets? To double the usual bookings.

Are we able to measure? Ensure that tracking is set up properly, through apsalar, links, click-through rates and Google analytics.

Review performance. The result was 50 times more than GrabTaxi Thailand expected with six figure bookings.

The key to digital marketing is to be creative and try out different strategies. Utilizing measurement tools you can get a clear idea of what customers expect and how they behave with your brand.

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