What is digital PR?

PR has changed! It isn’t just about media relations and sending out press releases anymore. Digital PR is about combining…
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PR has changed! It isn’t just about media relations and sending out press releases anymore. Digital PR is about combining traditional PR with content marketing, social media and search. When we do this, what happens is we are able to transform static news (such as it was once consumed in printed newspapers) into live conversations, and speaking directly to your target audience online without having to go through only a traditional media channel.

News can now spread further and wider, with a wildfire-like zest

It reaches specific target audiences quicker than ever before, and so whereas in the past we would be satisfied with a single magazine placement, now the same story can be shared and grown exponentially to a massive audience. Beyond news sharing, the communication paths are now two way, encouraging real-time, active, important dialogue between you and your customers.

Content Marketing is the repurposing of useful, valuable content

The simplest way to add content marketing to your mix is to adapt content you already have (press releases & any thought pieces) into “fresh” new content. A single press release can be re purposed into all sorts of different channel activities, such as through Facebook, WordPress, LinkedIn etc.

What is integrated PR?

The growth of content marketing, search engine optimization, social media and on-line customer service has been so rapid and so vast that at times we can feel overwhelmed, or perhaps that we have missed the boat. In reality however, there has never been a better time to take advantage of the power of this blended mass of opportunity, and that is what integrated PR is all about.

Many of us do this each and every day with our private Facebook profiles, our blogs, perhaps even our on-line job searches. Bringing an integrated approach to the way we conduct and market our businesses can pay BIG dividends, so in many ways we simply need to re-profile the way we approach traditional marketing to engage with our target markets – which may in fact be everyone; they are the end content consumers in our newly connected (and integrated) world.

We now wield the power of traditional media channels, social media channels and online searchable channels. There’s never been a better time to be PR practitioner.

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Anything that uses the word innovative…

Describing your own work or products as ‘innovative’ signals to editors that they probably aren’t. It’s one of those editorial mood-killers that appears in nearly all press communications, and with repetition comes contempt (or at least apathy). It’s best to find a more interesting or more specific adjective to apply to your offering, if even just to differentiate yourself in terms of communications. There are many other ways to demonstrate your prowess in innovation, but by far the best is to make the most of longstanding and credible relationships with media stakeholders, which is where your PR agency comes in.

And finally, for any operators in the F&B/lifestyle cuisine area, please, please stop using “gastronomic journey that rewards the senses” – it’s so 2011.

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