Vivaldi positions for growth with new office and new services.

Vivaldi has introduced a range of new services to harness opportunities for growth. The company has also invested in a…
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Vivaldi has introduced a range of new services to harness opportunities for growth. The company has also invested in a new and much larger office facility. Following 12 years of consistent growth, successes across a whole spectrum of client industries and several regional award wins, the company is confident that it can accelerate its growth by responding to shifting trends in the media, marketing and PR landscapes in Thailand.

Vivaldi meets these trends head-on by launching a new, more comprehensive integrated services offering for clients. It includes Key Blogger and Key Online Influencer (KOI) partnership/platforming, e-CSR, digital content strategy development, and digitally supported activations and events. Vivaldi also brings its integrated approach to supporting client sponsorship activities, leveraging its capability in digital PR to boost the sponsor’s return on investment.

“Today it’s all about content marketing, video, online media, the credibility of immediate news content; and so creating marketing material and PR content that is well suited to appropriate devices and consumer behavior,” explained CEO Joseph Henry.

“It’s a lot to take on for clients managing all this in-house, so our offering combines the benefits of our traditional media relationships with working in partnership with bloggers and influencers, media and clients to deliver great content,” says Joseph. “We call this new combined strategy PESO, which stands for Paid-Earned-shared-Owned, and it’s really the integration of using several approaches to achieving cross-channel success.”

Vivaldi’s new office, located at Chamnan Penjati Business Center in Rama 9, is approximately three times larger than the previous address. The unit has been designed from the outset to provide a large proportion of usable floor space for meetings, breakout consultation areas, brainstorming “incubator” areas and casual/rest areas for staff. It reflects the company’s desire to offer a comfortable and flexible workspace for staff whilst also supporting creativity and strategy building for the benefit of clients.

The new 500m2 facility offers plenty of room for new talent acquisition. Vivaldi is an avid supporter of fostering talent by recruiting both young and experienced consultants, managers and support staff. As a growing company it is keen to continue to add to its current roster of 24 staff.

Pattaranit Imampai, PR Director for Vivaldi, explains, “Our recent move to a new office is part of our overall strategy, in terms of both our PESO offering and scope for further expansion. In 2014, we repositioned to be more integrated digitally, serving clients across social media and online, and leading the curve for the PR industry in Thailand. The benefits of our new office work on several levels, too. We are now able to create a more collaborative space for our people; a pleasant work environment to attract the best talent, and to foster creative thought and strategic planning in imaginative ways.”

The new office is located in Rama 9, in the middle of the Grand Development area, the city’s newest dedicated business area close to MRT Rama 9.

Please call +66 02 612 2253 to request a consultation or to discuss your project and strategic aims for PR, media relations and social media programs.

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