Three ways a vibrant brand personality can accelerate your PR drive

1. Show the brand to have a human side People are under too much pressure from brand messaging, which comes…
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1. Show the brand to have a human side

People are under too much pressure from brand messaging, which comes at them on every platform and from every direction. A typical person receives 10,000 brand messages every single day. As global data grows, so does the noise to which people are exposed.

Make sure you speak to people in a human way. Create messages that are vibrant and resonate, like a human interest style of approach. Show your brand to have a human side, and post personally from your staff. Respond to comments, and engage and converse.

2. Take the guerilla gig ‘band’ approach

Guerilla marketing is exciting when used in PR as it’s not expected from these sorts of stakeholders. It helps to establish your brand personality, and shows that you are coming to the market with a different approach. Think about creativity and out-the-box thinking, and keep budgets small. For PR, this can mean focusing on “buzz campaigns.” These are high impact, created in a quick way, make a lasting impression and focus on rapid, different results rather than metrics and big, showy campaigns.

A great thing about this is you don’t need a traditional or expensive magazine type of approach. Create pop-ups, and make them colorful and really unplanned. You engage with people in a human way in environments they are already passing through, not bombarding them with more social media noise.

3. Go down the ‘challenging convention’ route

A lot of your competitors use PR firms, and even with relatively big budgets behind them, they still find it hard to get noticed. People are fatigued from noise. Your first step here is in applying some analytics, and from the PR side, the most obvious option is media monitoring. This is time consuming and expensive to do yourself, so you can quite cheaply outsource this part to a PR firm.

The other side is in messaging creation, brand management and communication planning, and even PR firms find this hard (due to either a huge torrent of client side work or just a lack of capability in house.

Think big and look at firms like Amazon. Not in how they have unassailable marketing budgets, but in how they are not afraid to push the boat out on challenging convention.


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