3 influence areas where digital marketing affects decision-making

1. Use of analytics   Digital marketing and analytics can provide marketers and company directors (and PR companies too) access…
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1. Use of analytics


Digital marketing and analytics can provide marketers and company directors (and PR companies too) access to large amounts of data that can be used to figure out how clients look for products, buy things, and converse with companies.


Google Analytics and the whole concept of “big data” (and crucially its analysis) allows businesses to understand their target audience and use these insights to change up plays on the fly. It’s about hearing, understanding and communicating in the correct language. This leads to stronger relationships between customers and companies, and more opportunities for sales.


2. Brand trust and consumer trust built on social


These days, brands must work harder than ever to win trust and manage customer relationships in an effective way. Everything is out in the open now and happens in real time. There are countless reviews out there, good and bad, and permanently available for all to see.


Social media provides companies with an opportunity to develop relationships with their prospects through credible and transparent marketing that is more easy for customers to accept than the dull strike force of push marketing. Brands connect to their base through influencers, shares, and viral, allowing for a more organic marketing experience.


3. SEO is everything


One thing has stood for the last ten years as a paramount cornerstone for digital success: SEO. The rules keep changing, the tricks and shortcuts continue to be improvised and worked round. When you want immediate info on a product or company, where do you go?  Google of course.


An effective SEO strategy and a continually growing content marketing (Owned) strategy are crucial components of any marketing or PR strategy.


Organizations that know how to make the most of their inbound marketing efforts, create useful content, and attract back-links will get the rankings they need to race ahead of the competition. The better a company’s ranking is, the more likely they are to generate sales.


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