Facebook’s own News shows get go-ahead with Monday debut

Facebook recently announced it was funding the creation of 10-12 news channels for use on its own Facebook Watch video…
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Facebook recently announced it was funding the creation of 10-12 news channels for use on its own Facebook Watch video content delivery platform as part of its offering to Facebook users. Facebook has collaborated with US-based publishers and media houses to create bespoke content for its own channels, beginning distribution from 16th July 2018.


The videos will be hosted in an entirely new section of Facebook labelled Facebook Watch, with a focus purely on news consumption and analysis. The section also features videos from local and national news pages and will be personalized based on the publishers people follow and their friends’ viewing habits.


They include:

  • On Location, a daily news show featuring ABC News journalists from around the world providing “on-the-ground reporting” and discussing the day’s top headlines.
  • Chasing Corruption Host Ian Hoppe travels across the country to meet “some of America’s toughest watchdog journalists” and discuss the stories they have uncovered.
  • Undivided ATTN: from ATTN is a weekly explainer show that will break down the biggest issues of the week in episodes hosted by a rotating cast.
  • Anderson Cooper Full Circle from CNN is a daily global news brief (evenings Monday through Friday)
  • Fox News Update will feature Fox News Channel chief news anchor Shepard Smith offering his take on the latest news every weekday afternoon.
  • Mic Dispatch is a twice-weekly show from Mic in which correspondents “go beyond the headlines to profile the underrepresented, the problem-solvers and the provocateurs.”
  • Quartz News Each episode investigates one story, explaining the often-counterintuitive economic and technological forces shaping world events.
  • Real America With Jorge Ramos from Univision features journalist, anchor and author Ramos traveling around the country to deliver the perspective of “immigrants of diverse backgrounds and situations.”
  • More in Common from ABC Owned Stations is a weekly series that will showcase the bridges being built between people of various races, religions, genders and backgrounds.
  • At What Cost? is a weekly series from Bloomberg that examines the biggest headlines of the week and how they will impact people, their finances and their future.
  • Profile from BuzzFeed News is a weekly interview show hosted by Audie Cornish of NPR’s All Things Considered and featuring a different newsmaker each week.


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