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Brand awareness is crucial to success, but many digital marketers forgo it as it does not have the CTR of…
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Brand awareness is crucial to success, but many digital marketers forgo it as it does not have the CTR of a dedicated sales campaign. However, awareness is key to establishing credibility, and that is a great platform on which to build segment leadership.


The most obvious way to improve brand awareness is to seek the services of an established digital marketing agency, but with the social tools and search engine ad tools, you can effectively do it yourself. This can have a huge impact on the awareness of your brand and establish you as a key player in the industry, with campaigns that focus on views instead of immediate, expensive click-throughs.

Utilize social media

Social media leverage carries obvious benefits, and the usual rules apply – keep content relevant, regular, and avoid divisive topics. Reply to any customer comments in good time, running promotions and interacting with the public in a friendly yet professional manner.


Sponsoring and event, team or project has been long-proven to deliver brand awareness, although the costs can be high so alignment should be made as relevant as possible. Look for co-branding opportunities with partners or clients where possible to help manage costs. Try to avoid going too corporate and look for two-way engagement where possible.


Nothing catches the public’s attention like good competition, and this can have a huge impact on brand awareness. In particular, running a competition on social media where users can enter by liking and sharing a post can very quickly showcase your brand to a much wider user base and encourage more people to follow you.


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